Innovación & Identidad Mayan Solutions

Innovation & Brand Identity

Innovation & Brand Identity

We are consultants in Innovation & Identity of brands. We offer Solutions to optimize, highlight, and enhance brands.

The sum of experience that makes up our team guarantees solutions in various corporate areas, which require to be innovative, creative and ingenious.

1. Innovation & Identity with Spirit ...

To Innovate is to improve, enhance and transcend. Brand innovation is an art that we love to execute.
We seek to endure the identity of a brand, based on 3 fundamental axes:


Knowing in detail the beginning of the brand is key to understand its reason for existing. We consider factors as cultural, social, historical and environmental that led to the creation of the brand and thus define its essence and purpose.


The essence of a brand is defined by its ethical, geometric, chromatic and sound nature. When this axis is very clear, the brand acquires an authentic personality in full harmony with its habitat.


Having Purpose is transcending the boundaries of time and space. A purpose with power inspires a sense of belonging towards the brand, existing with a sense of evolution that benefits its environment.

Innovación & Identidad Mayan Solutions

2. Design of Concepts

As experts in Innovation & Identity, we create visual and aural concepts that represent your brand or business as it needs.

Not satisfied with it, our precise aesthetics, in conjunction with our vision in sustainability and experience in neuromarketing, will take your content as far as you want.

We look forward to extend the life of the brand making sure that it fulfills with timeless standards.

Innovación & Identidad Mayan Solutions 2

3. Multidisciplinary Experience

Our experience in sustainable projects offers our consultancy a perspective aligned with a world in constant evolution.
Our team will make possible everything you need to make your project a dream come true.

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Our own Innovation & Identity

Mayan Solutions is creator of original brands, which enrich each other for the fulfillment of their respective purposes. We design from its graphic appearance to its operating structure.

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