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"For us, the details do matter"

Identity & Design

We are dedicated to creating Harmony, Innovation & Identity of brands.

We offer solutions for optimize, highlight, and enhance marks visually. We integrate the ancestral practice of geometric aesthetics, which relates creative concepts to the natural order of things.

Our solutions are innovative, harmonicas and ingenious.

See our portfolio below.


Turning extraordinary visions and spontaneous inspirations into reality.

Legatto Logoskc

"Legatto Harmony Institute" Brand

Sketch: Golden spirals in symmetry. A Music and Harmony school must be represented by an iconic design that magnifies the concept. The logo recalls the exquisite cuts of orchestral instruments.

Legatto Logo Final Amarillo
Vortex Logoskc

"Vortex Vitality Clinic" Brand

Sketch: A clinic that works with stem cells to support regenerative processes. For this reason, a grid in the shape of a Flower of Life was created, which is part of the brand itself and gives proportion to the composition.

Vortex VC Logo Blue HZ (clean)
Balkah Logoskc

"Balkah" Brand

Sketch: A toroidal belt with proportions given by the seed of life provides the guides from which a new form is extracted, which mutates as it is perceived in different sizes. A very modern hotel.

Balkah Logo Color Letras Negras Horizontal
Comaye Logoskc

"Comaye" Brand

Sketch: Circle squaring and Circle triangulation superimposed. From the guides a central shape like a "navel" is born, which represents the concept of "Circle of Women" and the work that the brand does.

Comaye Main Logo
Seres Logoskc

"Beings in Consciousness" Brand

Sketch: Rotated Golden Ratio and in symmetry shape two bodies or spheres in attraction. Conceptually it is an NGO that seeks to impact through awareness about the possibility of creating harmony among the beings of the planet we inhabit.

Seres en Consciencia Logo ALTskc
Sacred Alchemy Sketchskc

"Sacred Alchemy" Brand

Sketch: Witch's knot and its geometric construction from the squaring of the circle. The brand defines a face-to-face healing experience guided by the ancestral concepts of alchemy and femininity.

Sacred Alchemy Logo Hz Color
Shamanic Health Logo@72x

"Shamanic Health" Brand

Sketch: An overlay of pentagons that intersect each other in their golden ratios; resulting in a 4-pointed star and apparent folds that evoke a flower.

Shamanic Health Logo Reduced Color

Smart Plans Guide

Sketch: Sketch of plans for octagonal construction by harmonic resonance. The architect can compose curvatures, columns and slab based on the grid (guide) that we generate according to the original idea.

EWB Paso 2

"Eco World Building" Brand

Sketch: Geometric typography, placement on 3D effect and planet composition with golden ratio circles. The conceptual idea is to integrate nature and its subtlety with engineering and its technicality. 

EWB Logo 2023

3 Creative Principles

To Innovate is to improve, enhance and transcend. Brand innovation is an art that we love to execute.
We seek to endure the identity of a brand, based on 3 fundamental axes:

1. Its Origin

know how beginning of the brand is key to understand its reason for existing. We consider factors as cultural, social, historical and environmental that led to the creation of the brand and thus define its essence and purpose.

2. His Essence

The essence of a brand is defined by its ethical, geometric, chromatic and sound nature. When this axis is very clear, the brand acquires an authentic personality in full harmony with its habitat.

3. Its Purpose

Having Purpose is transcending the boundaries of time and space. A purpose with power inspires a sense of belonging towards the brand, existing with a sense of evolution that benefits its environment.


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