Terms and Conditions

Mayan Solutions® is a brand that represents the joint work of a team of multidisciplinary artists focused on the innovation and identity of any company or individual. Below we present our terms and conditions that apply to any of our services and that we consider extremely important to read, because when starting a project with us, the terms mentioned below are accepted.

The Mayan Solutions brand

  1. Any right is reserved for the use of its own brand Mayan Solutions®.
  2. It is a brand that represents independent artists and specialists who provide consulting, design, graphic content and education services for any corporate need or for non-profit organizations. Any other activity may belong to the linked brands and Mayan Solutions is not responsible for such activities.
  3. When doing artistic work, you understand that the quality of your work depends on the needs of the clients along with their subjective preferences, so the monetary value for Mayan Solutions services should be considered for the time invested in developing ideas and materialization of the same more than by the final result. Mayan Solutions guarantees to deliver a final result that is pleasing to its clients as long as the value for the service is towards the time it takes to perform it. That is why we develop the Payment Terms.

Payment terms

  1. Mayan Solutions always requests an "advance payment" to start any of their services. Normally this payment is 50% of the total project and on special occasions, this percentage may be negotiable. This payment guarantees that time will be invested in concept development and the creation of the digital or physical content necessary for its delivery. This first payment is refundable only if the project has not started. In case that the project is in an advanced stage, the first payment is non-refundable, as it will have covered the time and energy dedicated to the development of the project.
  2. The final payment guarantees the delivery of the project and everything mentioned in the service proposal that Mayan Solutions has delivered to its clients. This payment must be made before the final delivery of the service for security reasons.
  3. Depending on each service, it is possible to add additional services during the development of a project. For this, it will be necessary to cover a 50% of the additional service and pay the remaining percentage added to the initial amount once the project is completed for delivery.
  4. Payments received by PayPal can only be sent to the official account provided for Mayan Solutions services. Any other account that does not indicate ownership of Mayan Solutions should not be considered for transfer of money.
  5. The bank account associated with Mayan Solutions belongs to a natural person and is located in Mexico.

Terms of Service and Privacy

  1. Each service that Mayan Solutions offers to its clients is non-transferable and confidential.
  2. The client that hires a service with Mayan Solutions pays for the time of the collaborators for its development, so it is important to respect the initial prices that cover this process.
  3. Mayan Solutions makes service proposals where it agrees a price considering the needs and budget of customers. These proposals are reference and proof of the service agreements that have been made between the client and Mayan Solutions.
  4. Once a proposal has been agreed, the client agrees to provide all the information that Mayan Solutions requests to guarantee an adequate result that satisfies the client. If the customer omits this material to provide, Mayan Solutions could develop concepts that are inconvenient for the customer and any advance payment that has been made cannot be refunded. On the contrary, it will be offered to expand the service at an additional cost to continue focusing time and energy on the development of the final concept that satisfies the client.
  5. All the content developed during the creation and design process belongs to Mayan Solutions® and Mayan Solutions assigns all the rights of the original idea and concept to the client only of the final result delivered having settled the total payment of the service. The client can obtain the rights of the creative process with an additional cost to be agreed between the client and Mayan Solutions. Mayan Solutions does not register the marks it creates; it is the client's responsibility to register the brand that Mayan Solutions delivers.
  6. It is important to consider annual or recurring payments in case of hiring web page service, since the web hosting service and web domain are maintained. Recurring payment dates are agreed with Mayan Solutions and in case of not covering the costs of this maintenance, the websites may be deactivated. Mayan Solutions is responsible for making advance notices 1 month in advance.
  7. Mayan Solutions is committed to protecting its customers' privacy and personal information, and will not share any information with third parties without the customer's prior consent.
  8. Mayan Solutions will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by any technical failure or problems with servers or external providers, including but not limited to loss of information or interruption of services.
  9. In case of breach of any term or condition established by Mayan Solutions, the client could lose the rights to any contracted service and Mayan Solutions could terminate the service agreement without any responsibility.
  10. Any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions will be resolved by the applicable law and courts.